How to record working hours in homeworking

Do you have homeworkers? Do you have both in-person and teleworkers? Fitxem is your tool to track the working day.

The health crisis caused by COVID-19 paralysed the world.

Some businesses went out of business, others reinvented themselves by creating online shops and others had no choice but to homework in order to move forward.

According to the 2019 Labour Force Survey, the percentage of people working from home did not exceed 5%.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, companies that were able to bet on teleworking did so and almost 20% of employed people worked from home during the confinement.

However, this percentage has decreased to the present day, standing at around 12%.

Although presence is returning to its levels, we cannot ignore the fact that the number of people homeworking is higher than before the pandemic. There are also people who decided to follow a hybrid model and combine some days in the office with working from home (at least 30% of the working day). In this way, more flexibility is achieved to reconcile work and family life without losing the links with colleagues and companies at work.

In this way, companies have to adapt to the new ways of working, but they are faced with problems such as the lack of digitalisation of the Human Resources Department. As a result of the Government's requirement to demand reports to ensure that the working day is completed, companies need a time and attendance register where workers mark the start and end of the hours worked. But how can teleworkers keep these records?

Thanks to the use of digital resources such as Fitxem, it is easier to record the working day, since, being an online platform, it does not require the installation of any device and the record can be made from anywhere.

The diversity offered by Fitxem is essential, as it is compatible with any form of work: whether you work in person, at home or with a hybrid model, you can track your hours with a single device.



Payroll module, the new service of Fitxem

Attention to all companies looking for a comprehensive solution for the management of their human resources! We present our new payroll module service with document manager, integrated in our time and attendance platform Fitxem.

Ask for your holiday in less than a minute

A simple and quick procedure that makes it easy for employees to apply for leave and for the person responsible to manage these applications in less than a minute.
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Track the extra hours of the working day

Fitxem's time tracking platform has procedures for managing the overtime of its employees.

Time saver for hr managers

Managing holidays for employees can be a challenging task for HR departments, especially in the absence of a digital tool to track time.

New notifications service for time tracking

We have created a new notification service so that you can schedule alerts for those cases that require a review, such as: a worker who did not track the working hours, a worker who worked too many hours or who left without completing the schedule.