Track the extra hours of the working day

Fitxem's time tracking platform has procedures for managing the overtime of its employees.

It is common to find workers who work overtime for companies. Therefore, these hours must be kept under control in order to fight job insecurity.

According to the current regulations of the working day register, overtime must be reflected separately from the working day itself in the mandatory report that must be available for each worker.

At Fitxem we have this functionality, so that without any additional cost it is possible to control and limit the overtime that workers can work.


How to add overtime to the Fitxem platform?

The worker profile has a button to make the request for extra hours. On the other hand, the administrator profile will receive the request and, once it has been reviewed, can accept or reject it. If they are accepted, they will automatically be given to the employee and will be reflected in their workday record.

In the calendar section of the administrator profile, you can view the overtime worked on an annual basis and in detail for each month, for each employee. In this way, you have total control of the time devoted to overtime and thus have an overall picture in terms of productivity of each profile and take the corresponding decisions.

This form of control facilitates the work of the human resources department, which no longer has to calculate how many hours are outside the normal working hours in order to know which workers complete the working day or not, or if changes have to be made to the production system to increase performance and reduce the need for overtime.

The platform allows you to specify an annual maximum of overtime per employee and, if this is the case, the employee profile will know at all times the amount of overtime available to them and will not be able to request more overtime than the stipulated maximum.

Feel free to request more information to find out how Fitxem can improve your company's process management: less time, fewer resources, more benefits.



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