Download customised reports of the working day register.

You will be able to download different types of customised reports, easy and quick, with the monthly summary of the working day record, the hours and the details of the markings.

The Spanish Royal Decree-Law 8/2019, on urgent measures for social protection and the fight against precariousness in the working day, requires the existence of a report that guarantees the fulfilment of the working day. Fitxem draws up personalised reports for each worker to ensure the enforcement of the law.

To ensure that the working day is recorded, "it must include the specific timetable for the start and end of each worker's working day", explains the decree. Fitxem is very easy to use and it is possible to record hours both from a mobile phone and from a computer, without the need to download any application.

In this way, we adapt to new forms of work such as teleworking or flexible working hours.

And not only will it be very easy for the employee, but we also facilitate the work of the Human Resources Department. You will be able to download different types of reports that show the monthly summary of the working day record with the hours and the details of the markers. In addition, you can create fully customised reports according to the needs of each company.

For example, if the company has a bag of hours, excel files and PDFs documents can be produced with the details of the working day of the employees and how it has been distributed. At a glance, the data is analysed and all that is needed is identified in a simple way.

If the company works with records of flexible working hours with different types of hours (overtime, night work, holidays...), personalised reports can be drawn up using automatically generated calculations. In this way, Human Resources speeds up the process with just one click and does not waste time with manual calculations.

Failure to comply with the law can lead to significant penalties. If you would like more information or are interested in contracting the Fitxem platform, please contact us through our website or by e-mail:

In order to ensure that the working day is recorded, the specific start and end times of each employee's working day must be included.


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